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You might already know all about doulas and just want the nitty gritty on Jen’s birth doula services. Or you might be thinking.. A birth doula? What even is a birth doula? Why would I want one of those?

A birth doula is for anyone:

  • Pregnant moms looking for physical and emotional support during labor
  • Dads and partners looking for guidance in helping support the laboring woman
  • Expectant parents wanting more personalized prenatal education
  • Expectant moms wanting a drug free birth
  • Expectant moms wanting a birth assisted by drug
  • Inductions
  • Planned cesarean births

Basically, a birth doula supports expectant parents prenatally, during their labor, and in the immediate postpartum period. There are doulas across the United States and internationally, and it is best you contact individual doulas to see exactly what they offer.  If you are in New Hampshire, great!  Contact Jen now to set up a meeting and she can answer any questions you have.  If you are not in New Hampshire, there are several reputable organizations that Jen has trained with that you can search for a doula, including Birthing From Within™, ProDoula, and DONA.

What is our relationship going to consist of?

Prenatal support, labor support, and postpartum support are all typical of a birth doula.  Here are a few examples of what it includes:

Pregnancy Support
  • Support throughout your pregnancy from date of hire via phone, email, and text
  • Personalized prenatal support with two in person meetings.
  • Assistance with prenatal optimal fetal positioning
  • Comfort measures during the last weeks of pregnancy
  • Assistance in creating “Birth Wishes” aka Jen’s Alternative to a Birth Plan
Labor Support Support
  • Guidance during labor with position changes and pain coping skills
  • Someone to help meet your physical needs including massage, hydration, hand holding
  • Continous active labor support, whether your labor is 3 hours or 12 hours or longer
  • Optimal fetal positioning during labor- help make your labor continue to progress.
Postpartum Support
  • Immediate postpartum support in the hospital for up to 2 hours
  • Early breastfeeding assistance (if applicable
  • One in person meeting at your home, to help with breastfeeding support (if applicable), infant care, and answering questions
  • Need more postpartum support?  Contact Jen for a recommendation for postpartum doula

Birth Doula Services Package

Pricing for birth doula services vary depending on your geographical area, doula’s experience, and what the doula offers as part of her care package.  Jen currently offers two types of birth doula packages, one for labor support, and one for plan cesarean support.

Labor Support
Two 1-2 hour prenatal appointments in your home
Phone, Email, Text support from the moment the contract is signed
24/7 On call availability for two weeks prior to your due date
Continuous in person active labor support 
One 1-2 hour postpartum visit once you return home
Reliable Back-up support
Sliding scale payment available
Planned Cesarean
Two 1-2 hour prenatal appointments in your home
Phone, Email, Text support from the moment the contract is signed
24/7 On call availability for two weeks prior to your due date (just in case!)
All day support in hospital for day of birth 
One 1-2 hour postpartum visit once you return home
Reliable Back-up support
Sliding scale payment available


“A doula (/ˈduːlə/, also known as a birth companion and post-birth supporter and originating from the Ancient Greek word δούλη which is the feminine form of “slave”) is a nonmedical person who assists a woman before, during, and/or after childbirth, as well as her spouse and/or family, by providing physical assistance, and emotional support.”

The keyword is doulas do nonmedical support.  Doulas are trained to do what is needed in the moment, whether provide information to help you make a decision or give suggestions on how to help your labor progress and the laboring mom cope with the pain.  Sometimes it is as simple as feeding ice chips, other times it is finding the right words to help the laboring mom through a strong contraction, or reassure the dad or partner that everything is progressing normally.

A doula supports you!  If you want an epidural, hooray!  If you want a drug free birth- hooray!  If you want a planned induction or cesarean, hooray!  A doula is your positive cheerleader in all the decisions that you make.  And if you haven’t made any decisions, the doula will help provide you with information to help you make the decision.

A doula will never perform any medical tasks, including but not limited to vaginal exams, blood pressure checks, drawing blood, etc.

A doula will never make decisions for you, or get in between your medical providers (doctors, nurses, midwives, etc).  The doula’s job is to make everyone else’s job easier, not interfere.

A doula will never bring her own opinions or beliefs into your birthing environment.  A doula does not care how you want to give birth, or where, or when.

There are many studies about the measurable benefits of a birth doula.  Reduced time in labor, reduced use of medical inventions including pitocin and cesareans, and reduced risk of postpartum depression.  However, the greatest benefit of having a doula is knowing and trusting that you will be well cared for during your birthing journey.

There are generally two types of Dads or Partners- ones who want to be hands on and aren’t sure how, and ones who would prefer to watch the game and sleep on the couch.  Doulas work well in both scenarios.  Doulas can help guide Dads and Partners and give them instructions on how to support the laboring mom while the dad does the actual work.  OR the dad can rest comfortably on the couch while the doula supports the mom in labor.  READ MORE BUTTON

Jen became a certified DONA doula in September of 2012.  Her certification with DONA expires in the fall of 2015, and she is choosing not to re-certify with DONA and has continued her education by taking workshop and trainings with other organizations.


Still want more information?

Be sure to visit the blog page for more information about doulas.


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