Childbirth Education Classes

Lamaze?  Hypnobirthing?  Bradley classes?  Birthing from Within™ classes? Hospital classes?  How do you decide what class to take? Or if you even need a class? Childbirth Education is an important part of the birth process.  Jen offers several different formats of classes to fit your needs. Jen brings her experience as a birth doula, Birthing From Within™ Mentor, and optimal fetal positioning training to make for a truly one of a kind class experience. Jump FAQ’s

Childbirth Education Class

A Doula Perspective child birth classes gives you an all inclusive childbirth preparation experience.   During classes, you will learn how to navigate the medical, physical, and emotional components of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.  Every class is tailored to the needs of the participants, and topics include the stages of labor, physiology of labor, optimal fetal positioning, and techniques for coping with the pain of labor- both pharmaceutical and non pharmaceutical.  Come prepared to participate!  Classes are multi-sensory and open you up to find what you need to give birth.  

Group Class* Private class
$150 per couple $200 per couples
12 hours 12 hours

*3 couples min

With 12 hours of education and mentoring time, this is a full education and takes the place of all other classes.

Dates to be announced soon! Email to be notified of when dates are scheduled

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Private Labor Prep/Refresher Childbirth Education Class

Designed to focus on the needs of the couple during labor, these private labor prep childbirth classes are perfect to supplement a hospital or other type of childbirth class.  With four hours of classes (typically over two nights), the focus is on your labor room!  Classes are styled to meet the couple’s needs, and typically includes optimal fetal positioning, pain coping practices, and why not to create a birth plan.   

Private Labor Prep Class
$80 per couple
4 hours

With 4 hours of education time, this class is a supplement to other, non Birthing From Within™ classes.  It is equal to two sessions of prenatal support

Held in the privacy of your own home, worked around your schedule

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Labor Coping Skills Childbirth Class

This condensed class focuses specifically on developing your labor coping skills in a short, two hour class.  Learn about how Optimal Fetal Positioning can help you have a shorter, easier labor, and practice different labor positions and coping techniques.

Labor Coping Skills
$50 per couple
2 hours

With 2 hours of education and mentoring time, this class is a supplement to other, non Birthing from Within™.  It is equa lto one session of prenatal support

Held in the privacy of your own home, worked around your schedule

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Birth by Scheduled Cesarean Childbirth Class

Do you already know you are giving birth by scheduled cesarean?  A typical childbirth class might not be the correct fit for you.  This one hour Birth by Scheduled Cesarean Class will give you information about how to have a special cesarean birth.  Topics include what to expect in the hospital and operating room, establishing early breastfeeding (if applicable), your hospital stay, and your healing and the postpartum recovery process.

Giving Birth by Cesarean
$40 per couple
1.5 hours

With 1.5 hours of education time, this private class will help you prepare for a cesarean birth.  It will supplement any non-Birthing From Within™ childbirth class, or can be taken as a stand alone class.

Held in the privacy of your own home, worked around your schedule

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Birthin’ Again Classes

More info coming soon!  Contact Jen to be emailed when more information is available

Birth Art Sessions

More info coming soon!  Contact Jen to be emailed when more information is available

Birth Story Healing Sessions

More info coming soon!  Contact Jen to be emailed when more information is available

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for a full childbirth education with no previous childbirth experience, the Birthing From Within™ class is for you.  If you are taking a class elsewhere, consider the Labor Prep Class or Labor Coping Class.

Often times, in birth classes you gain a lot of knowledge about birth, but have little time to practice the skills that you have learned.  The Labor Prep/Refresher Class or Labor Coping Class is designed as a short class to supplement other birth classes.  You will spend the time with your partner practicing different positions and pain coping techniques to gain the experience about what feels good for you and works well for both of you.

Additionally, both classes teach optimal fetal positioning, which is used during late stages of pregnancy, and during your labor.

The Labor Coping Class is a short, two hour class that just focuses on practical methods for coping with labor. It includes position changes, optimal fetal positioning, and pain coping practices.

The Labor Prep/Refresher Class is a longer, 4 hour class.  It includes all topics covered in the shorter class, but also allows time for additional education, including birth plans, hospital environment, postpartum planning, and discussion about any previous birth experience you have had.

It is recommended that you take the Labor Prep/Refresher Class. The extra time in the class will allow for discussion about circumstances in your previous labor that lead to your cesarean, and what to do to avoid a repeat cesarean.

Optimal Fetal Positioning (OFP) is more than the baby being head down!  Which way the baby is facing, where his or her back is, and chin flexion are all factors in having a productive labor.  Learn more!

Yes!  Discounts are available.  If you choose to hire Jen as your birth doula in addition to taking childbirth education classes, up to $80 of the class fee can be applied to the birth doula fee.  Contact Jen for details.

If you choose to hire Jen for placenta encapsulation in addition to taking a childbirth prep class, receive a $25 credit on placenta encapsulation.

Currently, private childbirth education classes are offered in your home.  Stay tuned for a location for group classes.

Jen serves the Greater Manchester area in New Hampshire.  This includes travel to Concord and Nashua.  Outside this radius, there will be a travel fee.  Contact Jen for details.

Jen is a Birthing from Within™ mentor.  Birthing from Within is a childbirth ‘method’ (like Lamaze, Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing are different methods of childbirth education).  Certification with Birthing from Within™ is a long, intense, 2-4 year process to become a certified mentor.  Find out why Jen choose to become a Birthing from Within™ mentor for childbirth education.