Placenta Encapsulation


Have you thought about what your postpartum recovery will be like?  There’s a reason that you take time off after birth- it’s recovery time!  While folding baby clothes and stacking diapers, don’t forget to prepare for your recovery. Interested in having a better postpartum recovery? Placenta encapsulation can help!

Placenta Pills and Powder

Reported benefits of Placenta Encapsulation include:

  • Shorter recovery period
  • Balance your system naturallyt
  • Increased energy
  • Increase milk supply
  • Help lessen risk of postpartum mood disorders, including depression and anxiety
  • Decreased postpartum bleeding

Frequently Asked Questions about Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is the process of ingesting your placenta in pill form after the birth of your child.

The placenta is typically prepared within 48-72 hours of giving birth.  It is cleaned, steamed, dehydrated overnight, and ground into a powder before being put into vegetarian gel capsules.

Generally speaking, yes.  Jen has received placentas from hospitals across southern New Hampshire, including Elliot, CMC, Concord Hospital, Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, Wentworth Douglas, and St. Joe’s Medical Center.  Every hospital has a different policy on placenta release, contact Jen for specific information.  Typically, Jen picks up the placenta from the hospital after you deliver.

Generally speaking, yes!  The vast majority of births it is safe to encapsulate, including cesarean births, inductions, and medicated labors (epidurals).  There are certain counter indications for placenta encapsulation, like developing a fever during labor. Contact Jen for specific information if you have concerns and she can make a recommendation.

The number of pills depend on how big of a placenta you and your baby grow.  A good range is between 75 pills for a small placenta, and 200 for a large placenta.  The pills last any where from 6 weeks postpartum to 6 months, although with proper storage they have a long shelf life.

The idea with placenta pills is to start with a high daily dosage, and gradually wean yourself off of them.  As part of the placenta package, you received a custom recommended dosing schedule emailed to you.

The gel capsules Jen uses are similar to an echinacea pill.  You don’t taste the powder (which smells like iron), and burps aren’t common.

A tincture is a homeopathic remedy.It is a raw piece of placenta dissovlved in high proof alcohol over approximately six weeks.  The tincture is used in times of emotional and hormonal stress after your pills are gone.

A salve is an all purpose, natural healing cream that can be used to aid with healing wounds, cuts, and rashes or general moisturizing.


 Placenta Encapsulation Services Package

Includes pick up and delivery of your placenta within the Greater Manchester area
24/7 On call availability as your hospital requires
Custom recommended dosing schedule
24-48 hour turn around time
Additional $25 for tincture or salve
Discount available if combined with a doula package

Still want more information?

Be sure to visit the blog page for more information about Placenta Encapsulation.


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